Kingdom Brands urged British health officials to completely ban the sale of vapes to young people

According to Journal Now, ImperialBrands Group is urging UK public health officials to establish and enforce a “complete ban” on the sale of e-cigarettes to teenagers. In addition, the company also advocates for stronger regulation of e-cigarette brands sold to people under the age of 18.

In a public statement issued on Wednesday, Kingdom Products made this position official. In a statement, Kingdom Products said,

“Our concern about the rising use of vape brands among young people is also cited by the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, from this perspective, we should continue to encourage existing smokers to switch to less risky vapes and even ban the sale and promotion of e-cigarettes to children.”

However, Kingdom Brands also warned that supporting e-cigarette restrictions for youth, especially minors, does not mean agreeing to a similar ban for adults.

Specifically, if the sale of single-use e-cigarettes is banned, it is likely to cause some tobacco tar customers to return to traditional tobacco, reversing a trend in which the UK should be proud of its health status.

Kingdom Brands has agreed to pay fines to retailers who sell e-cigarettes to minors and reject a “retailer license” that requires e-cigarettes sold to minors to be mis-sold. According to a figure cited by Kingdom Brand, more than 2.5 million illegal e-cigarettes have been detected in the last three years by the UK’s commercial Standards Standards.