Kazakhstan Health Ministry Recommends Ban on E-cigarette Sales and Usage

Rosalina Ermekpaeva, the Director of the Health and Epidemiology Committee at Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health, has announced the ministry’s recommendation to prohibit the sale and usage of electronic cigarettes in the country.

This decision is motivated by the ministry’s commitment to safeguarding citizens’ health and preventing potential threats posed by nicotine products to pedestrians and non-smokers.

Presently, the ministry has drafted a bill to amend existing regulations, which includes specifications to ban the sale to individuals under the age of 21, as well as the display and public exhibition of tobacco products, encompassing both nicotine-containing and nicotine-free electronic cigarettes. The bill is currently under review in the lower house of parliament, reflecting the government’s proactive stance on curbing the circulation of electronic cigarettes.

The proposed measures underscore a broader effort to address public health concerns associated with electronic cigarette use. By restricting access to these products, the authorities aim to mitigate the health risks posed by nicotine exposure, especially among the youth. The bill, if passed, will contribute to a comprehensive regulatory framework aimed at promoting a healthier environment and reducing the potential negative impact of electronic cigarettes on the population.