Kazakhstan customs seize market worth 100 million RMB vape

On July 3, according to a report of Kazakhstan’s media Turantimes Media, officials of Kazakhstan’s Jetsusu Customs caught 155.8 tons of e-cigarettes and related accessories worth 6.1 billion tenge (about 100 million yuan) at the border with China in Arakul.

Officials from the customs and economic departments of Jettel Suzhou seized a large quantity of illegal disposable e-cigarettes, e-cigarette oils and e-cigarette accessories during an inspection of goods and vehicles at the Alakur gateway.

JETSU Customs said that the seized goods and vehicles did not provide valid documents and did not declare the import of goods, which violates the relevant regulations of the customs area of the Eurasian Economic Union.


As far as I know, from March 1 to 6, 2023, a total of eight trucks entered the Alakol customs station in Kazakhstan from China.


In accordance with the provisions of Article 154 of the Customs Code of Kazakhstan, the carrier did not notify the customs authorities in time of the arrival of the goods and did not submit cargo documents, thus violating the provisions of Articles 524 and 531 of the Administrative Code of Kazakhstan.


During the customs inspection of the cargo and the means of transport, electronic cigarettes and accessories with a total weight of 155.8 tons were found. According to the appraisal of its experts, the total value of the goods amounted to 6.1 billion tenge (about 100 million yuan), and the amount of duties and taxes expected to be paid was 1.9 billion tenge (about 31 million yuan).


According to the pictures of the scene provided by JETCO Suzhou Customs, the seized e-cigarettes had the Logo labels of HQD, INFLAVE and other brands printed on the exterior packaging.
Some of these seized items have been handed over to the Jettel Suzhou Regional Economic Investigation Department for further procedural action.