JTI Expands Global Investments in Reduced-Risk Products

In a strategic move aligning with its commitment to a sustainable future, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has decided to broaden its international investment activities, particularly within the category of heated tobacco products. This decision aims to synchronize its business practices with its overarching strategic goals for a sustainable future.

Vassilis Vovos, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of JTI, emphasized that the company’s strategy involves maintaining its dynamic growth trajectory in traditional tobacco product categories while decisively entering rapidly growing markets, especially in the realm of heated tobacco products.

The global market for heated tobacco has reached a substantial 14 billion euros, and JTI sets an ambitious goal of capturing approximately 15% of the international market share within the next five years. This expansion into reduced-risk products underscores JTI’s commitment to meeting evolving consumer preferences and aligning its operations with global trends favoring alternatives to traditional smoking. As the company positions itself at the forefront of innovation, this strategic move is poised to shape JTI’s role in the tobacco industry’s future landscape.

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