Japanese Vape’s Latest Product: “Ploom X Advanced” Released From November 21st

According to an official announcement on the Japan Tobacco website, Japan Tobacco Corporation (JT) has revealed its latest heated vape product, “Ploom X Advanced,” set to be released gradually in Janpese convenience stores and tobacco retailers nationwide starting from November 21st.

In addition, from October 31st, the product will be available for pre-sale to Ploom X CLUB members on the CLUB JT online store and various Ploom stores across the country.

JT Corporation has stated that the “Ploom X Advanced” represents a significant breakthrough in taste and user experience compared to existing devices. It incorporates several advanced features, including:

  1. Improved Heating Technology: The “Power Heatflow” technology elevates the maximum heating temperature from 295 degrees Celsius to 320 degrees Celsius.

  2. New Automatic Heating Function: Once a tobacco stick is inserted into the device, the heating process begins automatically.

  3. Reduced Charging Time: The new device boasts a charging time of approximately 90 minutes, a reduction compared to the existing model’s 110 minutes.

Priced at 1,980 yen (approximately $13.25) including tax, the “Ploom X Advanced” offers a range of upgraded functionalities and enhancements. Notably, JT Corporation has announced the discontinuation of the existing Ploom X devices available in the Japanese market following the release of the new “Ploom X Advanced.”

As the launch date approaches, consumers and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate experiencing the enhanced features and improved satisfaction offered by the “Ploom X Advanced” from Japan Tobacco Corporation.