Japan Tobacco International (JTI) Vietnam Receives “Top 100 Best Workplace in Vietnam” Award

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) Vietnam has been honored with the “Top 100 Best Workplace in Vietnam” award presented by Anphabe.

The “Best Workplace” recognition is based on objective evaluations from 63,878 experienced employees and 9,638 students from 113 universities nationwide across 18 industries. Anphabe has been organizing and measuring employer brand attractiveness for ten consecutive years, with the results audited by the market research company Intage Việt Nam.

This accolade reflects JTI Vietnam’s commitment to providing a positive and engaging work environment for its employees. The company’s efforts to foster a conducive workplace culture have evidently resonated with both experienced professionals and the younger generation entering the workforce.

JTI Vietnam expressed gratitude for the recognition and emphasized its dedication to maintaining and enhancing the quality of the workplace experience for its employees. The company sees this award as a testament to its ongoing commitment to employee satisfaction and overall excellence in the workplace.

The “Top 100 Best Workplace in Vietnam” award underscores JTI Vietnam’s position as a preferred employer in the country and highlights the company’s success in creating a workplace that is not only productive but also conducive to employee growth and well-being.