Japan Cigarettes Registered More Than 100 IP-Related vapes in Korea

According to a report by Korean media outlet DAUM, Japan Cigarettes (JTI) has registered 102 design patents related to e-cigarettes since last year, according to data released by the Korean Patent Office on July 28th. Of these, 27 and 75 were registered this year and last year. These patents include not only e-cigarette devices but also related components.

Recently, some industry insiders have reportedly speculated that Japan Tobacco Korea may re-enter the e-cigarette market. It is expected that a special heated and non-combustible casing may be added to Japanese cigarettes when convenience store cigarette cabinets are replaced early next year.

JTI entered the Korean e-cigarette market in 2019 with its “PloomTech” product, but it did not gain much traction and stopped selling in Korea in 2021. Since then, JTI has focused on the traditional cigarette market.

JTI is expanding its e-cigarette business in the global market (except Korea). In fact, JTI plans to launch new non-combustible heats in more than 10 countries this year. In April, it launched “PloomX” in Italy.

Recently, British American Tobacco (BAT), Pheromone International (PMI), and Korea Tobacco & Cigarettes (KT&G) each released new e-cigarette brands, further increasing the likelihood that JTI will release e-cigarettes.

Most recently, BAT released its liquid e-cigarette brand “Vuse” in Korea, the No. 1 in the U.S. market, and on the same day, KT&G launched its LilHybrid3 heated, non-combustible product. .0″.

However, with the rapid growth of the e-cigarette market and the expanding influence of competitors, JTI does not seem to have accumulated market experience and competitive advantages.