Is Vg glycerin?

Is VG glycerin? This is a question worth exploring. Before answering this question, we need to understand what VG and glycerin are.

VG, its full name is Vegetable Glycerin, and its Chinese name is vegetable glycerin, is a chemical widely used in cosmetics, fragrances, food, pharmaceuticals and other industries. It is an oily, colorless, odorless, sweet-tasting compound with good moisturizing properties. the molecular formula of VG is C3H8O3, and its structure is a glycerol molecule whose chemical name is 1,2,3-trihydroxypropanol.

And glycerol, chemically named as propanetriol, is an organic substance widely used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other fields, which is a transparent, colorless, odorless, viscous liquid with good moisturizing and other functions. The molecular formula of glycerol is C3H8O3 and the molecular structure contains three hydroxyl groups, and its chemical name is 1,2,3-trihydroxypropanol.

As you can see, the molecular formula of VG and glycerol are almost the same, they both contain 3 hydroxyl groups and have the same chemical name. However, there are some differences between them: VG is extracted from plants, so it is also called vegetable glycerol, while glycerol is obtained from animals or plants.
So, is VG glycerin? We can say that VG and glycerin are very similar, they have almost the same structure but with some minor differences. Chemically speaking, VG is actually a derivative of glycerin, which is purer and sweeter than glycerin and can be better used in food and cosmetic applications.

In the cosmetic industry, VG and glycerin are commonly used as moisturizers and solvents. VG is more widely used in cosmetics because of its greater moisturizing power. In the food industry, VG is widely used in baking to make delicious pastries and breads, etc. VG can also be used as a substitute for traditional tobacco to make e-cigarette liquids.

In short, VG and glycerin have subtle differences, but in practical applications, they serve essentially the same purpose. Both VG and glycerin play an important role, whether in cosmetics, food, medicine, etc.