Is it better to use ceramic wick or cotton wick for electronic atomized cigarette?

Users who use electronic cigarettes, often face a problem when choosing atomizer core materials: is a ceramic core or a cotton core better?

Electronic cigarettes are areas is similarly to a humidifier, where the liquid is heated and then evaporated. Electronic cigarettes are composed of key components such as batteries, flavored cartridges, and atomizers. When the user inhales, the sensor on the device triggers the power output, activates the atomizer, and begins to heat the e-cigarette liquid, which then quickly evaporates for the user to inhale. Compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes have no ash, tar, or unpleasant odor.

The atomizer is the key component in an e-cigarette that generates heat to vaporize the e-liquid. Atomizers usually contain heating elements for the vaporization process. In an e-cigarette, the user needs a new atomizer each time the flavor pod is replaced. Some e-cigarettes may have leakage issues, but atomizers with ceramic cores have a lower risk of leakage than open-system devices. To understand why some devices leak e-liquid, you can refer to the related article.

Some atomizers currently use ceramic cores as the material that absorbs e-liquid, while others use cotton fibers. Both types of atomizers have their own advantages, so let’s take a closer look at ceramic core atomizers.

Ceramic core atomizers perform well when vaporizing e-liquid in e-cigarettes. The ceramic material can be heated at high temperatures and is porous. In flavored cartridges, the e-liquid can be evenly immersed into the ceramic core, and once the user inhales, the atomizer will immediately heat up to the proper temperature and the flavor will be evenly distributed. As a result, each inhaled puff maintains a degree of flavor consistency. The ceramic core atomizer releases the full flavor of the richness of certain flavors.
What about cotton fiber atomizer wicks?

Raw cotton fibers are soaked in e-cigarette liquid and heated without burning, allowing the e-cigarette liquid to vaporize. Why choose cotton?

The truth is, it’s about the experience. When using a cotton atomizer, the heat gradually rises and the vapor becomes slightly warmer. Unlike ceramic vaporizers that heat the e-liquid all at once to release a strong flavor, cotton fiber vaporizers release the flavor layer by layer. The vapor is warm and pleasant, opening up flavor details with each puff. For e-cigarette liquids with complex flavors, cotton atomizers offer a richer and more varied experience.

For example, with the first puff of Rich Tobacco flavor, you’ll taste the nutty flavor first, followed by the smoky flavor. Each puff brings a whole new experience.

Of course, both of these can bring great results to your e-cigarette experience.