Ireland has banned the sale of vapes to minors with fines of up to 4,000 euros

According to the BBC on December 21, Ireland issued a new law that bans the sale of vapes to people under 18 in Ireland and will result in a fine of 4,000 euros and 6 months. The law came into effect on December 22.


Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said he was pleased the ban would be in place by Christmas.


The ban in the Republic of Ireland is in line with similar laws in the UK. England and Wales introduced the ban in 2015, Scotland followed suit in 2017 and Northern Ireland amended it in 2022.


Donnelly thanked his colleagues in Olantas (the Irish parliament) “who understand the emergency of our children” and said they supported him in moving the law quickly. Donnelly added that further e-cigarette regulations and tobacco control recommendations will be reviewed next year.


In November 2023, Health Minister Hildegard NORTON launched a public consultation on the future regulation of vapes. NORTON said the ban was a “good start” in addressing the issue of vapes. “Protecting children is key to our anti-smoking policy Smoke-free Ireland and I welcome this breakthrough in this direction,” she said.


The minister said she also looked forward to consulting on the taste and packaging of e-cigarettes. “We know that young people who vape are more likely to start smoking, so it’s important that they are not drawn to these products,” she added.


The latest ban is part of a broader effort to help tackle vape use among young people. Other countries, such as Australia, have taken steps to try to curb nicotine addiction in children by banning the use of single-use vapes and imports.


Earlier this year, the Irish government introduced the Public Health (Tobacco Products and Nicotine Inhalation Products) Bill 2023 to avoid children smoking or using tar inhalation commodities.


In addition to banning the sale of such goods to people under the age of 18, the bill would:


  • The sale of cigarettes and tobacco tar inhalers at children’s events is prohibited
  • Prevent self-help sales of cigarettes and vapes
  • Introduce a strict licensing system for the retail sale of such products
  • Advertising around schools and on public transport is strictly prohibited


Public consultation on the measures will run until January 5, 2024.