Interview with Brusko: Regulation has no impact on the brand considering the launch of zero vapes

The Russian vape exhibition VAPECLUBSHOW2023 was held from December 16 to 17, and the two supremates and Anton, sales director of Russian vape brand Brusko, exchanged views on a series of issues such as the Russian e-cigarette market, product innovation, and control.


For this exhibition, Brusko brought four types of disposable e-cigarettes. According to Anton, Brusko has more than 60 dealers in Russia, but after the control, it may be reduced to 40. Unlike traditional cigarette distributors, Brusko focuses on e-cigarettes and hookahs and has warehouses in 17 Russian cities, making it one of the largest distributors in the Russian e-cigarette industry.

Brusko saw the trend of disposable vapes, launched a small disposable commodity with a 3mL liquid capacity, and flexibly adjusted the liquid capacity to meet the needs of the Russian and European markets. In the Russian market, the volume of the liquid is 3mL, and in other European market versions, it is 2mL.


In addition, to adapt to the control, Brusko is considering the launch of zero-smoke tar vapes.


Brusko focuses on an open new product in Russia, as well as four large disposable products, manufactured by Aspire.

Brusko is the first company in Russia to apply for the integrity label and will be the first to receive an import and export license in March 2024. Anton said the company was “fully compliant” and that the imposition of controls had no impact on it.

Brusko is the first Russian e-cigarette brand to go to the international market, developing in Jakarta, Indonesia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Germany, and other places. However, in the European market, due to the strict regulation of e-cigarettes, Brusko mainly deals in water pipes.

Anton says Brusko has only been releasing new products for a week. The product uses topfilling technology and can be filled with soot.


It is reported that most consumers in Russia prefer disposable e-cigarettes. So Brusko will launch a variety of disposable e-cigarettes in 2024, to surpass similar competitors from other brands.