Installation of E-Cigarette Detectors Reduces On-Campus Usage

The Lincoln Education Board has given the green light to acquire electronic cigarette sensors at a cost of nearly $200,000 from Kidwell Electric. Currently, Lincoln East High School stands as the sole institution in the district equipped with e-cigarette sensors, but this landscape is about to undergo a significant change.

According to Ryan Zabawa, the Student Services Supervisor, the district has yet to decide which middle schools will receive the newly added e-cigarette sensors, and the installation timeline remains unspecified. However, there is a hope that these devices will soon be operational across all middle and high schools within the district.

Within a month of installing e-cigarette sensors at Lincoln East High School, a noticeable reduction in on-campus e-cigarette usage has been observed. The district aims to gather more accurate data on the impact and effectiveness of these sensors after their adoption over a certain period.

While these devices may serve as deterrents to prevent students from using e-cigarettes on school premises, the school cannot guarantee that students won’t use e-cigarettes outside the campus.

Zabawa expresses confidence that students at Lincoln East High School have ceased using e-cigarettes on school grounds. The introduction of e-cigarette sensors is part of the broader effort by educational institutions to address the growing concern of underage e-cigarette use, providing a safer and healthier environment for students. The ongoing data collection and evaluation will likely guide future decisions and strategies to curb e-cigarette usage among students, both on and off school grounds.

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