Indonesia responded to the WHO call or include vapes in the implementation of the new health law

In response to the World Health Organization’s warning on vapes, the Indonesian Ministry of Industry is in the growth stage of e-cigarettes in Indonesia, and the government will include vapes in the implementation plan of the health law.

According to Indonesian KOMPAS, on December 28, Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry reported to the World Health Organization. (WHO) strongly recommends that the government respond to the issue of e-cigarettes or atomizers as cigarette products.


Previously, the WHO said there was not enough data to show that e-cigarettes or nebulizers helped smokers quit. Evidence shows that such products are harmful to health and may cause dependence on tobacco tar, especially among non-smokers.


PutuJuliArdika, Director General of the Agricultural Industry Department of the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, said in response to the World Health Organization that the application trend of e-cigarettes in Indonesia is increasing. However, he said the government is still studying the regulations and incorporating them into government regulations for the implementation of the 2023 health law. Among them, this will relate to the management of addictive substances (Health RPP).


“E-cigarettes are in a growth phase in Indonesia and their main goal is export. At the moment, the application in Indonesia needs to be regulated and that is something we are discussing in the RPP.” “He said at a year-end news conference in Bali.


According to Poutou, these regulations need to protect the tobacco industry itself. Because, the tobacco industry, it also involves other industries such as the tobacco industry.