In the Ohio House of Representatives, the road ahead for a flavored tobacco ban is unclear

According to the Cincinnati Questioner, the Ohio House of Representatives voted down Gov. MikeDeWine on Dec. 13. Dewine has long wanted the state to ban flavored cigarettes and flavored e-cigarette brands, saying they are marketed to children. The purpose of the bill is to prohibit cities from banning flavored cigarettes.


The move represents the latest effort by Republican lawmakers to try to block local controls on flavored cigarette products, including mint flavor. Columbus is preparing to ban the sale of flavored cigarettes next month, and Cincinnati, Dayton and Cleveland are considering similar proposals. According to its supporters, this is necessary to reduce youth uptake of vapes.


In late 2022, when the Columbus Council voted to ban the sale of tobacco products, lawmakers first passed a bill banning local government bans and added the same proposal to the state’s two-year budget.


However, Governor Dwyane twice disavowed the measure, saying the state should support all resolutions that want to protect the lives of young Ohioans.


Currently, cities in Ohio can also ban cigarettes. The Senate would also need to deny Dwyane’s veto, but it is unclear whether it will do so.