In the Netherlands, tobacco sales will only be allowed in specialist shops in 2032

Supermarkets began opening specialty tobacco shops next to their food retail outlets to avoid bans on cigarette sales. Half of the supermarket’s 33 new specialty tobacco shops.


Dutch supermarkets are starting to open specialty tobacco shops next to their food retail outlets in a bid to avoid a ban on cigarette sales from July 1, FinancieleDagblad reports.


Specialty tobacco shops do not require a license, but they need to be registered in July. At that time, supermarkets would be banned from selling tobacco and cigarettes. The anti-cigarette group TabakNee is campaigning for the introduction of a license to sell cigarettes and has the support of a majority of MPS.


According to the group’s September figures, 33 new tobacco shops opened in just four months, half of which were owned by supermarkets. In addition, Dekamarkt supermarkets are trying to open Primera outlets in several stores. TabakNee said Primera owns a 46 percent stake in BritishAmericanTobacco.


Rolf Hogkamer of Jumbo, the owner of the franchise, said he was skeptical and did not smoke himself.


“There’s a lot of demand. Elderly people who live in nearby apartments often have trouble walking. Now they can easily buy tobacco, which is a good thing.” According to FD, the total sales of cigarette goods in 2020 will reach 4.4 billion euros, of which supermarkets will reach 2.4 billion euros. “The profit margin per pack is 7.5 percent,” Hoggamer added…


“Seven percent of our turnover comes from cigarettes, in other words, about 700 million euros per year,” said CEOTonvanVeen of Treasure Supermarket. The government has taken several measures to prevent smoking. A tax rise on a pack of cigarettes prompted the price of 20 to 10 euros, a ban on advertising, and a requirement that cigarettes be sold in unbranded packs.


By 2032, the sale of cigarettes will be limited to specialist shops. In 2021, Lidl supermarkets will stop selling cigarette products, although franchises can do so at their discretion. The outgoing government has agreed to hand over the tobacco-shop license to the next administration.