In 2023, customs in Russia’s North Caucasus seized 2.3 million packs of illegal cigarettes

Recently, Russian media outlet Stav reported that customs authorities in the North Caucasus seized 2.3 million packets of illegal tobacco products in 2023. Officers seized the illegal goods from roads, shops, and SKFO markets.

The number of illegal cigarettes in the region has increased by 80% compared to 2022. This information was released by the news Department of the Customs Department of the North Caucasus.

The report shows that as a result of four large-scale seizures in 2023, 1.8 million packages of cigarette products were arrested. On one occasion, unlabeled tobacco was found in the Pyatigorsk market. In addition, finished cigarettes from Turkey were found in Nalchik’s warehouse, with a total of 500,000 packages of illegally labeled products.

The ministry said it also found illegal goods on vehicles in North Ossetia and Dagestan. The seized goods were all taken away and criminal proceedings were initiated against those transporting and selling illegal cigarettes.