If you are not well versed in the needs of e-cigarettes and e-liquids when it comes to flavors and flavors, this article will provide you with some useful guidance. Hope this helps you find that wonderful “sweet spot”.
Just before we get started, remember that our taste is influenced by how we live and how we feel. Whenever we relax, we can better enjoy our food and experience flavors these days. Stress, anxiety, and low mood can weaken and numb our senses. So, while there are some helpful tips below to help you optimize the flavor of your juice, our mood and state of mind also play a role.

Best Flavored E-Liquids
In addition to the flavoring in the e-liquid, which usually does not exceed 10-15%, most e-liquids contain varying amounts of PG and VG. These base fluids affect consistency, taste, flavor, and hit.

We’ve covered this topic extensively in another article on e-liquid blends, but here’s a quick overview.
Sub-ohm cloud chasers tend to use high VG juices because they produce more vapor, but sometimes create those clouds at the expense of flavor.
The VG that makes the cloud is almost flavorless and has a smooth draw, but it doesn’t carry flavor like the thinner PG ingredients.
PG usually brings more flavor, however, it also creates more sore throats, so take care to keep the nicotine low enough that your throat doesn’t get irritated.
A 50/50 e-liquid (half and half) blend is probably ideal for standard vapers as it finds a happy medium between flavor and vapor, and by “standard” we mean those using 1.0Ω Anyone with anything – 2.5Ω coils in e-cigarettes. For a more flavorful but slightly harsh vape, consider 70% PG e-liquid.
Just remember that sometimes, no matter how hard you try to increase or improve the flavor, the juice you have just won’t match your setup. This could be because of the power output of your unit or the type of coil in the tank. There isn’t any one easy answer, it’s trial and error.

Adjust power settings
If you have a variable device of any kind, simply adjusting your setting up or down is the easiest and generally most effective way to change the taste and taste of your e-liquid.
Given that different flavorings in juice evaporate at different temperatures, you may find that different flavor elements emerge at different voltage/wattage (or temperature) settings. Your settings, along with the coil’s resistance, determine how quickly and how hot the coil heats up.
Always start with a lower setting and work your way up until you reach what is known as the “sweet spot”. All e-juice flavors have their own unique sweet spot, so when you start trying new flavors, take the time to experiment.

It helps to start with the e-fluid mix that is generally best for the type of coil you have in the tank we mean if you’re using a standard coil or if you’re using a sub coil go for something that’s not too thick Liquid mixtures – ohmic coils, avoid very thin liquids.

With either liquid, you might find that it really shines at 30W, and you might expect another liquid to be amazing in a similar range, but you’ll find it takes off at 20W. This trial and error is part of the “fun” of vaping!

If you have a temperature controlled device (with a coil suitable for TC mode) you have an added advantage because you can control the temperature, which means you are controlling the temperature of the coil and the heat in the coil affects the flavor. Again, you just have to experiment with your setup, starting low and working your way up to the right spot.

adjust airflow
Many vapers underestimate the importance of adjusting airflow in terms of taste. Generally speaking, when more air is passed through the coil, the steam will not be as thick, but a lot of steam will be produced, but this will reduce the taste.

Those looking for more flavor should try turning off the airflow gradually, assuming you have one, not all devices do this. The less air that passes through, the denser and hotter the steam and the stronger the flavor. If you turn off the airflow too low, it will reduce the steam, but may also make it hotter than you want.
The type or design of the airflow can affect the flavor
In addition to the amount of air that flows through, the location of the airflow holes also makes a difference.
The air holes on many tanks allow air to enter the sides of the coil which is great, but it doesn’t always work as well as the air under the coil which then goes straight to the mouthpiece which usually improves the flavor.

Wicking material in the coil can affect the taste
The wicking material and wires inside the coil can really affect the flavor of the juice.
The coil is the small part inside the tank where the liquid is, and its job is to heat up quickly when needed.
Silica material used to be the standard type of wick in coils, but cotton, ceramic, and mesh wicks are now becoming popular because it helps enhance flavor.
Inside the coil, along with the wick sits comfortably a variety of different types of wire, including kanthal, stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. Kanthal is/is the most commonly used tinsel to give a clean taste. With the introduction of temperature control came materials such as nickel (Ni200), stainless steel, and titanium. Nickel is as good as Kanthal in terms of flavor, but you may find that certain stainless steel and titanium coils take on a slightly metallic taste.

Mouthpiece/drip tip style and size
The size and shape of the mouthpiece can have an effect on the flavors you experience, though not as much as adjusting the airflow or settings. Those who want to create a vapor cloud tend to use a large bore (larger/wider hole) mouthpiece, which is designed to produce a more breathable vape if you want more vapor, and a cooler vape, which is fine, but not if you want more flavor.
If you’re using a tank with a wide-bore nozzle/dripper, you can try swapping it out for a standard narrow-bore nozzle to boost your taste. Don’t expect much difference, but it can make a difference.

Let your juices soak/breathe
In fact, many times, just leaving fresh juice in the tank for a while will change the taste. Although most flavors are ready to use straight, they often benefit from this “breathing” or “infusion” process.

Make sure your battery has enough charge/charge
When your battery is low the flavor will be lessened because it doesn’t heat up the juice enough so when your battery LED blinks and indicates low charge it with a suitable charger.

In addition to this, some standard (non-variable) batteries have a greater output than others, i.e. some batteries put out more current/power than others, which also affects the taste as the juice is again heated to a different temperature.

old or clogged coils
When the coil is near the end of its life or clogged, you may experience a lessened flavor, and/or a burning or bitter taste.