Imperial Tobacco has launched the Blu Bar 1000, a disposable vape with a removable battery

Royal Tobacco has launched the Blu Bar, a disposable vape device priced at $5.99 for $1000, which offers up to 1,000 smoking experiences.

According to BettereTailingreported on January 22, Imperial Tobacco launched a 1,000-bottle disposable e-cigarette product Bluuiling Bar 1000, which is equipped with a detachable battery for easy disposal, and the recommended official retail price is 5.99 yuan.


The device meets all safety regulations and offers up to 1,000 smoking experiences through Flavour Tech mesh heating technology. The device also has a translucent suction nozzle that allows users to see the amount of e-liquid remaining.


The first varieties introduced include blueberry Ice, strawberry ice, watermelon ice, banana ice, mint, red extract, tropical ice blend, and blueberry cherry, with more flavors expected in the future.


Imperial Tobacco Company (UK & Ireland) Yawer Rasool (Yawer Rasool) In recent years, disposable electronic cigarette equipment demand has been large, accounting for 88% of the entire electronic cigarette market sales. The equipment is designed to meet the needs of retailers and wholesalers in the rapidly growing sector.


The two leaders noted that the price of the current 600 series products of Blu Bar is still maintained at 3.99 yuan, and the newly launched Blu Bar 1000 has also raised the price while the number of bites has increased, but the price is similar to the market positioning of the same number of bites.