Illegal and Unsafe E-cigarettes Worth Over £2.7 Million Destroyed in Northamptonshire

In a significant crackdown on illegal and unsafe electronic cigarettes, trade standard officials in Northampton have confiscated and subsequently destroyed e-cigarettes valued at over £2.7 million. The discovery was made when these electronic cigarettes were seized from a warehouse in Northampton, where officials found that the e-cigarettes had a liquid capacity exceeding the legal limit by tenfold.

Upon obtaining a court order, the team from Northamptonshire County Council proceeded to destroy all the confiscated electronic cigarettes.

According to UK regulations, the maximum allowable volume of e-liquid in disposable electronic cigarettes is 2 milliliters. However, in some devices found in the warehouse owned by Tongda Distribution Limited, the e-liquid content was as high as 20 milliliters, violating the legislation.

The Council informed the court that the investigation began following a tip-off from counterparts in Essex, prompting trade standard officials to initiate a thorough inquiry.

Information provided by the warehouse owner indicated that the goods did not have a British owner and were imported for sale to distributors and sales agents in the UK.

David Smith, a Member of Parliament, commented on the development, stating, “Combatting the sale of illegal e-cigarettes is a priority for the Council. I am pleased to hear today’s outcome in the court proceedings, enabling us to seize and destroy over £2 million worth of illegal and unsafe electronic cigarettes.”