How to identify the quality of Vape oil?

How to identify good e-liquid? Only good Vape oil can have a good feeling, so when using vaping, you must learn to choose Vape oil. At present, there are various Vape oils on the market, and it is not easy to choose, even if the Vape is the best, The quality of the e-juice is not good. So today I will talk to you about the selection of e-liquid for vaping.

The quality of Vape oil has a certain relationship with three aspects
1. The solvent is required to be food grade or pharmaceutical grade;
2. Nicotine requires more than 98% content, preferably 99% content;
3. High-quality extracts for electronic cigarettes.
Good e-liquid tastes soft and has a throat-hitting sensation. With high-quality e-cigarettes, you can experience a unique feeling and sense of satisfaction, which is an endless aftertaste!

Identifying the quality of smoke oil mainly depends on the following points
1. Appearance: Look at the color. In the case of no nicotine, the e-liquid is generally colorless or light yellow. If you add some heavy-colored extracts, there will be a corresponding color. If it contains nicotine or too many natural extracts are added, the coloring will be more unstable. It may change color after a day or two or after exposure to sunlight. The color of fruits is More unstable, tobacco and mint are generally the best light yellow or golden yellow.

2. Smell: The first thing you feel when you smell the smell is that it should not be unpleasant. You may not like the smell, but it should not be repulsive.

3. Choose: Look at the amount of smoke The amount of smoke is not only related to the quality of the atomizer but also has a lot to do with the e-liquid. Relatively speaking, the e-liquid with a large amount of smoke is better than the one with a small amount of smoke. Delicate and mouth-watering. The burnt smell may be related to the e-liquid, but the atomizer may be higher.

4. Pumping: The most important part is this link. The quality of e-liquid is judged by random evaluation. The taste of good e-liquid is relatively stable, the aroma is comfortable, full, not irritating, and not spicy. When entering the mouth and nasal cavity, the taste difference will not be particularly large. Generally speaking, the taste of smoke in your mouth should dissipate within three to five minutes after you exhale the smoke.

5. Sensation: The feeling of the mouth after smoking. Many people say that the mouth and throat will be very dry after smoking Vape. It would be wrong to do it, and it is recommended not to smoke first.

Having said so much, I hope that everyone can add their own understanding and judgment in the process of choosing e-liquid. It is recommended that players must choose a good e-liquid manufacturer and good e-liquid, which is also beneficial to their health. Great guarantee.