How to distinguish the good and bad of Vapes oil?

1. Look: Look at the color. Without any nicotine, the e-liquid is generally colorless or light yellow. If some heavy color extracts are added, there will be corresponding colors. If nicotine is added or too much natural extract is added, the coloring will be more unstable. It may change color after a day or two or after exposure to sunlight. The color of the fruit is relatively unstable, and tobacco and mint are generally light yellows or golden yellow.

2. Smell: The first feeling when you smell it should not be unpleasant. You may not like the smell, but it shouldn’t be unpleasant or offensive. A good e-liquid has an elegant and full aroma, with an endless aftertaste.

3. Choice: Look at the amount of smoke The amount of smoke is not only closely related to the quality of the atomizer but also has a lot to do with the e-liquid. In comparison, e-liquid with a large amount of smoke is better than small e-liquid, it is easy to smoke, and the smoke is delicate and moist. The burnt smell may be closely related to the e-juice, but the atomizer may be higher.

4. Smoking: The most important thing is this part. The quality of e-liquid is judged by evaluation. A good e-liquid has a stable taste, a comfortable and full aroma, mild and non-irritating, and non-spicy. Tastes even better when it enters the inside of the mouth and nasal cavity. The difference won’t be huge. In general, the smell of smoke in the mouth dissipates within three to five minutes of exhaling.

5. Feeling: Many people will respond to the feeling in the mouth after smoking. After vaping, the inside of the mouth and throat can be dry. It is not correct to do so, and it is recommended not to smoke.