How to Care for Vaping Devices and Vape Batteries

Whether you’ve just bought your first e-cigarette or are deciding which one to start with, there are a few dos and don’ts you should know about caring for your device. Don’t worry, all of our simple vapes are super easy to maintain, but a little maintenance will keep your device looking its best and allow you to enjoy an enjoyable vaping experience.

Store your equipment properly
While there’s no need to pull out the velvet cushions for e-cigarettes, they should be stored with care just like any other electronic device. Keep it away from liquids and extreme heat or cold, as this can spoil the overall flavor of the battery and e-liquid.

take care of your battery
Your battery is like the heart of your device, so it’s important to keep it in good shape. Dirty battery terminals can affect the performance of the e-cigarette because it cannot make a clean connection with the capsule or pod, so wipe it clean with a dry cloth from time to time. You can help extend battery life by making sure you don’t let it drain completely and always have a small charge left.

Store Your E-Liquid Properly
Our e-liquids meet high quality and safety standards and are available in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. Just make sure to store them in a cool, dry place, as prolonged exposure to heat can affect quality and flavor.

Don’t overfill your tank or let it get too low
Vapes that you can refill, like the MKBAR7000, are manually filled from a bottle of e-liquid. Be careful not to overfill the tank as this can damage the device, while underfilling can result in an unpleasant taste, known as dry burn, or possibly damage the atomizer if it is left to run dry.

Do not over tighten your device
Most e-cigarettes consist of individual components that need to be assembled together. It might be tempting to really tighten these parts up, but you might actually end up damaging your device instead of protecting yours. All mckesse vapes are easy to assemble, just screw the components until secure or snap into place.

be careful when traveling
Vape devices, like our pocket-sized MKBAR7000, are perfect for slipping into your bag when you’re out and about. However, airlines have their own safety rules. Because air pressure increases when you are at high altitudes, it is important to empty your vaping device and keep your capsules or pods in their original airtight packaging. Keep your vape batteries away from loose change, turn off your equipment, and store everything in a separate bag or suitcase away from the rest of your travel luggage.

Keeping your device in top condition with proper maintenance, use and storage will help give you a great vaping experience.