How many types of vape smoke grenades are there?

Cigarette bombs are a new type of vape relative to traditional cigarettes. Compared with traditional cigarettes, cigarette bombs have many advantages, such as a variety of flavors and the ability to get rid of the inconvenience caused by cigarettes and ashes, so they are popular among smokers. Here we take a look at several types of smoke bombs.

The first type is the disposable cartridge. These are also known as freestanding cartridges and are usually enclosed in a small cardboard box. When you use it, you insert the cartridge into the battery end of the e-cigarette and remove the cartridge after smoking. The advantage of this type of cartridge is that it is very easy to use and does not require cleaning or worry about troublesome operations such as refueling. But the disadvantage is also very obvious, the cost is higher, the service life is shorter.

The second is a reusable smoke bomb. This kind of smoke bomb consists of three parts: battery, nozzle, and smoke oil. Smoke oil can be configured according to personal taste, the nozzle can be replaced, and the battery life is longer, so the cost of use is lower. However, the use of cleaning and refueling operations required, relatively less convenient.

The third is the cotton smoke bomb. This kind of smoke bomb is mainly inspired by the foaming agent to absorb the cotton filled with foam and come. Compared to traditional bong, it has a softer taste. The atomization effect of the cotton bong is ideal because cotton has good moisture absorption and water retention, which can make the smoke more delicate and smooth. However, the disadvantage is that the service life is short and needs to be replaced frequently.

The fourth type is the Netflix smoke bomb. With the development of social networking platforms, various features of cute smoke bombs began to be favored by young people. For example, magic forest smoke bombs, dream castle smoke bombs, etc. This type of smoke bomb mainly works on the outer packaging to attract the eyes of young consumers. However, this type of smoke bomb is more expensive, controversial in taste, and more targeted, so the audience is relatively small.

In general, there are more types of smoke bombs, and each type is suitable for different groups and uses. Consumers can choose a smoke bomb that suits their taste and needs.