How many milliliters is a smoke bomb?

Cigarette cartridges, usually with a capacity of between 0.7ml-2ml, are more road-saving than traditional tobacco. The smoke cartridge is actually a very small small jar filled with tobacco oil, the smoke cartridge through the heating effect of the electronic cigarette to do the effect of real tobacco, while you can produce aroma and smoke in the process of smoking.

Initially, a part of the bad manufacturers in order to pursue the interests of the production of the smoke bomb capacity may be too small, easy to let people quickly drained and lead to unsatisfied, and thus the bad smoke bomb market is gradually eliminated. Nowadays, the capacity of the regular smoke cartridges on the market is generally larger, and the capacity of the cartridges is generally more uniform, and manufacturers are focusing on paying great attention to every detail.

However, the capacity of the cartridges may vary from brand to brand and is unlikely to be identical. In addition to this, the taste of smokers also varies, with some preferring a heavier feel to the cartridge and others preferring a lighter feel to the cartridge. Thus, feel can also affect the capacity of different brands of cartridges.

The more frequently the cartridge is used, the faster the capacity of the cartridge will be consumed. At the same time, the duration of use depends on the smoking habits of the smoker, and various factors such as the ambient temperature. A decrease in the capacity of the cartridge does not mean that the number of times the cartridge is used will also decrease. Smokers need to choose the right size of cartridge according to their smoking volume.
It is important to note that the size of the cartridge capacity does not represent the quality of the cartridge. Some manufacturers may reduce the capacity of the cartridge slightly in order to pursue quality, but this does not mean that the quality is poor. On the contrary, there are some manufacturers who increase the capacity of the smoke cartridge while the quality is reduced, mainly because the formula they use for the smoke oil is not reasonable.

Regardless of the brand, smokers should focus on quality and personal taste when buying, along with the choice of packaging, style and other factors, then you can get the best experience. To sum up: the choice of the capacity of the smoke cartridge size, according to personal preferences and their habits, the purchase of good quality smoke cartridges, so as to get a better experience.