How long can you smoke 500 puffs of disposable vape?

Disposable vape can smoke 500 puffs, generally speaking, can be used for a few days of time, if the frequency of use, it is possible that it is only a day or two. When the battery is too low, the head will usually flash a light and the battery needs to be replaced. If the oil is about to run out, there is no clear indication, you can only feel the smoke becoming smaller and smaller. If you want to reuse, it is best to choose a recyclable e-cigarette product, such as a replacement e-cigarette product. Overall, disposable e-cigarettes are a good choice as an experienced product.

The advantages of the disposable vape are described as follows:
1, more convenient to carry: disposable vapes do not charge, and do not need to replace the cartridge, smokers only need to carry electronic cigarette products out of the house and do not need to carry heavy chargers and other ancillary accessories.

2, more stable performance: disposable vapes are completely enclosed in design, reducing the charging, replacing the cartridge, and other operations, naturally reducing the incidence of failure. Rechargeable vape products have many problems such as circuit failure and liquid leakage, and these problems are completely solved in disposable vapes.

3、More electronic cigarette oil: The electronic cigarette oil capacity of disposable vape can reach more than 5-8 times of rechargeable vape products, with longer service life.

4, stronger battery: general rechargeable vape products need to be charged at least once per cartridge, the battery efficiency is low, equivalent to every 5-8 cigarettes, you have to charge once. If the rechargeable vape products are not used idly, about 3 months e-cigarette products can no longer be used. In comparison, the battery of disposable vape is more powerful and can support more than 40 ordinary cigarettes. Even if a disposable vape is left idle, the battery will not be affected much within a year, and within 3 years the battery will not be affected by more than 10%.

Disposable vape work by using a high-tech smart chip and air switch to control the amount of smoke output and work status. Inside the vape product, the vape oil is transmitted to the atomization chamber according to the nickel foam and is connected through the smoking air switch. The smart chip controls the work of the atomization chamber based on the current drive of the lithium battery.

The heating wire in the atomization chamber generates high temperature to atomize the vape oil and produce a vapor mist that simulates smoke. This is just the right way to make the smoke simulate the temperature of ordinary cigarette smoke (50-60 degrees Celsius), making the taste of the vape product closer to the real smoke. On the other hand, the smoke of vape products does not contain tar, nitrogen dioxide, propylene glycol, carbon monoxide, lead, hydroxide, arsenic, and tung. This working principle can not only meet the smoker’s pleasure and psychological habits, but also ensure product safety and health.