How can I tell what generation a smoke bomb is from?

Smoke bomb is a new type of electronic cigarette, it is one of the more popular types of electronic cigarettes on the market today. It is composed of two parts: the smoke bomb and the electronic cigarette. The type and quality of the cartridges have an important impact on the use of electronic cigarettes and the user experience.

According to the different research and development, technology and materials, the cartridges are generally divided into different “generations”. The new generation of cartridges are mostly base oils, flavors and nicotine acetone, the smoke is lighter, the taste is simpler, and the lack of tobacco aroma of the cartridges. Many users of the new generation of vape cartridges also feel that the taste is thin and lacks the thick, spicy flavor of tobacco.

The second generation of cigarette bombs has added some flavorings and juices to the new generation of cigarette bombs. The taste of the second-generation cartridges is slightly improved, and the smoke flavor is more intense than the new generation, but it still does not have the flavor of real tobacco.

The third generation is the mainstream type of smoke bomb in the current market, which is relatively closer to the flavor of real tobacco than the new generation and the second generation, the flavorings used are more complex. This type of cartridge has more detailed particles, and the graphite sticks used are more skin-friendly and smoother in texture.
Generation IV is a high-end cartridge that is smaller in size and has a longer life span. The cartridges are also very diverse and have a richer taste that is closer to the real tobacco flavor.

It should be noted that different e-cigarette brands have different standards for the number of “generations” of cartridges. Many brand companies often exaggerate their own cartridges for marketing purposes, labeling second-generation cartridges as third-generation or even fourth-generation. Therefore, when purchasing e-cigarettes, consumers need to be able to recognize and further understand the nature and composition of the product in order to find the right e-cigarette product for them.