How can I pass the security check if I carry a Vapes with me on the plane?

1. Equipment
You can dismantle your atomizer, battery, and avionics if you want to. If you can’t dismantle them, you can turn them off if you don’t need them. During the security check, put it into the basket together with the power bank and notebook. If the security officer asks, tell him it’s a Vapes box.
Do not put batteries in the console when boarding an airplane. It is best to turn off the main unit before the security check, instead of using a “lock” instead, which can save power and prevent the main unit from being bumped and squeezed into the suitcase to unlock it. In a word, travel should be as safe and reliable as possible to avoid causing trouble to yourself and others, so as to avoid the negative perception that Vapes bring to ordinary people.

2. Battery
Batteries and avionics equipment cannot be checked in, and devices with built-in batteries cannot be checked in. Please carry them with you. Civil aviation actually has a total capacity requirement for lithium batteries, but the airport does not strictly enforce it, and the number of batteries should not be too large. Contains the total power of all power-consuming devices, such as mobile phones, mobile power supplies, cameras, and other devices.
Special Note: When carrying the battery, be sure to use a special plastic storage box, and do not put the battery directly in the luggage. If you don’t have such a small storage box, you can also buy one for a little money, but the safety is guaranteed to the greatest extent.

3. Atomizer
There is no limit to the number, you can put them in your backpack and sit in a row. It doesn’t matter if there is oil in the reservoir or not. However, some oil storage atomizers will leak oil due to air pressure problems. Be careful not to contaminate backpack pockets or storage bags. There is no need to inform the security staff separately. In addition, please close all the atomizers that can close the oil inlet and air inlet to reduce the impact.

4. E-liquid
Civil aviation regulations stipulate that individuals should not carry more than 100ml of liquid, but the airport does not strictly enforce it except during extraordinary periods (such as the two sessions), and try to control the amount of liquid they carry as much as possible. If there is a lot of smoke oil, check it proactively.