High School Students Flock to a Tea Shop in Hanoi’s Yangchun District as an Electronic Cigarette Hub

A tea shop in the Yangchun district of Hanoi, Vietnam, has emerged as a gathering spot for high school students indulging in electronic cigarette use. Scenes of students enveloped in vapor suggest that e-cigarettes have become an indispensable “treasure.”

Enthusiastically exploring various e-liquid flavors, students seek to enhance their smoking experience.

Students primarily acquire electronic cigarettes through online purchases, with prices starting from 150,000 Vietnamese dong. The purchasing process is convenient, sellers have lax age restrictions, and deliveries are made discreetly, concealing the product’s name. Despite the widespread belief among students that electronic cigarettes are harmless, studies indicate potential links to heart and respiratory diseases.

While smoking is prohibited within schools, students freely indulge outside campus grounds. Concerned parents, alarmed by the prevalence of electronic cigarettes, are calling for more in-depth awareness campaigns and stricter controls on their potential hazards.”