The 6th Imagine Summit was held at Hantobacco to seek innovative solutions for society

On November 7, Korea’s KT&G held its sixth Imagine Summit in Seoul, aiming to activate the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. The summit invited experts and young entrepreneurs from various industries to participate, and about 150 young people who dream of becoming socially innovative entrepreneurs attended the conference.
KT& Since 2018, G Company has held an annual “Imagine Summit” to find solutions to the problems facing our society from the perspective of social innovation.
In addition, KT& G has been running the “Imagine Entrepreneurship Camp” since 2017 to find social innovation entrepreneurs. The initiative won the 2019 Minister of Labor Award for “Social Enterprise Nurturing Results”, the 2021 Presidential Award for “Social and Economic Contribution”, and the 2022 Minister of Labor Award for “Job Creation Results”.