Gottingen Customs seized 3,447 untaxed vapes and took legal measures against merchants

Gottingen Customs seized 3,447 untaxed vapes, and merchants sued for not paying taxes of more than 1,100 euros, or exposing the tobacco industry for not paying taxes.


According to German media reports, customs in Gottingen, Germany, found and confiscated 3,447 disposable vaping that had not been taxed during an inspection.


Gottingen Customs said the vapes were discovered on Jan 9 by a cigarette and tobacco substitute merchant, mainly supplying cigarette products and kiosks.


As a commercial importer of cigarettes and their alternatives, including the vaping oil contained in e-cigarettes, Gottingen Customs required an annual inventory but did not enforce this requirement. So the customs decided to conduct an inspection.


During the inspection, customs officers found 3,447 vapes equipped with 2 ml of liquid. During the inspection, customs officers found that the packaging of these disposable vapes lacked the necessary tax markings. The liquid in these e-cigarettes is subject to a tobacco tax of €1,103.04. As a result, customs officers seized the goods, issued a tax notice, and filed a lawsuit against the merchants for alleged tax evasion.