German parliament passes flavoring ban vape with no repercussions

The German parliament has successfully passed an amendment to the Tobacco Products Act with an absolute majority. According to the amendment, the packaging of heated tobacco sticks will have to be labeled with text and graphic warnings. In addition, the ban on flavoring will be extended to heated tobacco sticks.

Burkhard Blienert, the German federal government’s commissioner for medicines, described the bill as “an important step towards more health protection”. But he also said it could only be a start.

“Flavors and flavoring add to the appeal of the product and dilute the dangers associated with smoking.”

Brinette also called for tighter restrictions when it comes to e-cigarettes. He said that children also use disposable e-cigarettes containing high levels of nicotine, which is also linked to their rich flavors. On top of that, many e-cigarettes are brightly colored and so small that they can easily fit into a pencil case, and are often less expensive.

Brinette emphasized that advertising bans on atomized products and e-cigarettes need to go further. Experts point out that flavored tobacco products are often seen as an introduction to smoking.

It is understood that the ban on flavored tobacco only applies to cigarettes and heated tobacco products; e-cigarettes are not affected by this new ban.