French Parliamentarian Caroline Fiat Calls Out Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne for Public Vaping

French legislator Caroline Fiat has leveled accusations against Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, urging her to cease using electronic cigarettes inside the parliamentary chambers.

The day after the Health Ministry announced a comprehensive smoking ban plan, Borne was observed openly vaping in the National Assembly. This action prompted a strong response from Fiat, who noted that while the Health Minister had just declared policies prohibiting smoking near beaches and public buildings for public health reasons, the Prime Minister was openly disregarding this directive within the parliamentary halls.

Fiat stated, “We are here to create laws and should not be above the law. It is a complete disregard for me when you are vaping in this chamber while I am speaking. Furthermore, it is harmful to health.”

It’s worth noting that this accusation against Borne comes just two days after the Health Minister unveiled the “Smoke-Free Generation” anti-smoking agenda. This agenda outlines a series of measures to control tobacco consumption between 2023 and 2027, including the ban on disposable e-cigarettes.”