France shows: Tobacco chambers sell Puff to minors, not vape stores

A “mini-test” conducted by the UFC-QueChoisir Association showed that if tobacconists sell puffs to minors, it is natural that this would not happen in franchised stores.

“Only e-cigarette stores reject everything”
Although Puffs, small disposable e-cigarettes, are often singled out because of the ecological disorders represented by some people, and others because of the frequency of their use by minors, the UFC-QueChoisir association decided to conduct a small experiment. She asked fifth and fourth graders, aged 12 to 14, to visit a dozen stores to see if they could buy them.

Although the UFC emphasized that they “had not conducted a scientific study,” their findings were illuminating.

Overall, about half of the stores visited by college students would agree to sell puffs to minors. On the Gifi side, teens were asked to show ID. For nighttime groceries, two-thirds would agree to offer them, while three-quarters of the tobacconists would sell them. As UFC-QueChoisir says, “only e-cigarette stores refuse them all.”

There is a revival of the eternal debate about the place of e-cigarettes among tobacconists.