Four Greater Manchester counties have made it into the top 10 of the UK’s “vaping capitals”

Four counties in Greater Manchester have become the “vaping capital” of the UK, as the phenomenon of underage vaping intensifies and the British government plans to ban single-use vapes.


Recently, according to the Manchester Evening News, four counties in Greater Manchester have been ranked in the top 10 of the UK’s “e-cigarette capitals”. Online vape store Google Smoke Free found that Bolton, Manchester, Salford and Stockport were the areas with the most certified e-cigarette retailers.


Vaping by minors is reported to be the worst in the North West of England. Earlier, the UK government announced plans to ban the sale of single-use vaping in England, Scotland and Wales in response to a rise in vaping among young people.


British President Rishi Sunak’s ban will be implemented in 2025, and the ban is expected to be implemented in 2025. Current laws severely limit the amount of tar and liquid that can be contained in single-use e-cigarettes,


According to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), vaping is most common among teenagers in the North West of England, with 7% of teenagers in the region regularly using e-cigarettes. The company also revealed the top 10 “vape Capitals” in the UK based on the number of vape retailers per capita in each region.


Go Smoke Free searches the Companies in the House website for registered companies that sell cigarette products in specialty stores in the UK and then compares the number of these companies with the population of each city or city.


Blackburn topped the list, with 27 registered e-cigarette retailers serving 119,700 residents. Bolton came in second, with 20.26 registered vape shops per 100,000 residents. Bolton has 41 registered vape shops serving 202,369 residents.


Manchester ranked third, with 110 vape shops, or 19.84 per 100,000 residents. Salford ranks fifth, with 14 registered vape shops, or 12.03 per 100,000 residents. Stockport ranked sixth, with 10.91 retailers per 100,000 residents.


A spokesperson for Go Smoke Free said: “In recent years, single-use e-cigarettes have gained popularity for their convenience, portability and low cost, attracting groups less likely to invest in sophisticated e-cigarette devices. The new single-use e-cigarette ban should help prevent children from using e-cigarettes and encourage adults to become more sustainable alternatives, such as e-cigarettes that can be added.”


“This research highlights which parts of the UK are most likely to be affected by a ban on the sale of single-use e-cigarettes. Greater Manchester is popular among smokers for its fair distribution of retailers, with Blackburn, Bolton and Manchester cities in the top three. As the ban impacts consumer behavior and existing retailers adjust their offerings to the new laws and regulations, the e-cigarette culture in these cities is likely to change significantly.