Why So Good Flavor?

The standard of good flavor may vary for different users, but it won’t stop us from using better materials, applying more advanced technology, and implementing more stringent testing to provide our users with flavors that really make joy happen.

Better Wire

Instead of simply using normal heating wire from some unknown factories with unstable quality, MCKESSE has our own VAMT (MCKESSE Authorized Mech Technology) to make sure every device with mech coil meets the high standard of quality.

By using VAMT, the mech coil delivers a smoother and 50% richer taste than other brands till the last puff.

Better Cotton

Cotton is the carrier of the e-liquid, and its quality influences the taste and consistency of the overall flavor.

MCKESSE insists on using the best organic cotton on the market and makes sure to apply it to vape devices under our design guidelines.

Better E-liquid

E-liquid is the source of all kinds of flavors that you can taste, so it must be safe on the material and authentic to restore the flavor.

Since the first device launched in 2018, all e-liquids used in MCKESSE devices are from the top 3 e-liquid industry leaders which completely meets national standards.

Patented Airflow

On the way of pursuing the ultimate taste, MCKESSE obtains an increasing number of patents including “Independent Airflow”, which prevents the defect from leaking into the battery and greatly enhance the flavor stability.

Flavor Innovation

MCKESSE also keeps releasing new flavor choices every month to bring you more surprises and enjoyment.

A special flavor expert team helps continuously develop new flavors and till now, 50% of the flavor list is exclusive flavors by MCKESSE.

Strict on Testing

To ensure the overall flavor performance, including the throat hit, taste, and aroma, to is satisfying and stable, each flavor must pass at least 3 testings for over 6 rounds.

Vape Machine Testing
Flavor Expert Testing
Blind Multiuser Testing

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