Five differences in identifying authentic and fake disposable Vapes

The main differences between authenticity and accuracy are as follows:
1: Host
Genuine tobacco rods have a good hand feel and bright colors. The flickering light of the fake tobacco rod is flat and has no feeling, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. The four dots on the bottom of the fake tobacco rod are of the same size, with two big ones on the outside and two small ones on the inside.

2: smoke bomb
Not much to say about fake smoke bombs. Taste is the most important thing. Friends who have smoked genuine pods know that genuine pods are particularly strong, and the smoke is light, just take a puff. Fake pods have poor taste, low absorption rate, no smoke smell, no mung bean smell, no watermelon smell, and no imaginary raw materials are needed.

3: Security code
If there is an anti-counterfeit code on the grapefruit box you bought, the most direct way to identify it is to see if the code on the box matches the code on the host.

4: Security Code
If it is a counterfeit product, the code printed on the host is rough.

5: E-juice color
It can be identified by the color of the e-liquid. Original authentic product: The color of the e-liquid is clear and transparent. Counterfeit product: The color of the e-liquid is relatively dark.