FIVAPE files a complaint with the European Commission

FIVAPE now officially announces that it is slowly complaining to the European Ombudsman to the European Commission. Before the public, the TPD revised the public service consultation and its association considered a subjective bias representation.

FIVAPE launches an attack
Against FIVAPE, there are many, many, it is preparing to seize the European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly (Emily O’Reilly). The French Federation protests the questions that constitute a public consultation, some of which are being conducted as part of the future revision of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). The issues that will be guided, as well as the issue of merging tobacco and e-cigarette products.

“Fivape denounces the bias of the questions posed in the European Commission’s public service consultation on the revision of the TPD. In fact, the questions in the survey were formulated in such a way as to assume that e-cigarette products necessarily pose a threat to public health, without asking participants whether they actually agree with this view or whether they believe that the current regulations are valid,” explained the association in its press release.
Emily O’Reilly, the European Ombudsman, has been elected to the position three times by the European Parliament. A former political journalist and author, she spent ten years as a mediator in her home country of Ireland. She has received numerous awards, including an honorary doctorate for her work in support of human rights. His skills and integrity are consistent.

The Ombudsman is fully independent of the European institutions. It has the power to hold the institutions and agencies that make up the Union accountable, which can be controlled by individuals or companies that consider themselves victims of “maladministration.

Specifically, the mediator conducts an investigation based on the facts of the complaint. Finally, he or she sends a report to the agency concerned on any problems observed. The agency then has three months to respond, for example, by identifying faults and proposing corrective measures, or conversely, by challenging them with supporting arguments. The Ombudsman then drafts a final report, which is submitted to the European Parliament, which decides on the action to be taken and sends a copy to the institution concerned and to the complainant.
What specific objectives?
The objective of FIVAPE is twofold: to demand that the next TPD study be based on objective scientific evidence and to demand that the question for consultation be reformulated. The questionnaire is really the last opportunity for citizens to express their views on this issue. Indeed, if the question leads to an answer, it is the question.

SélimDenoyelle, general representative of FIVAPE, explains: “Anyone who tries to respond to the service consultation can only be aware of the deception: everything is done so that the potential of vape as a risk-reducing product is ignored in silence. We call on the Ombudsman to acknowledge these biases and correct them.”

The service consultation is open until May 16, and Fivape still requires answers to questionnaires in order to play at all tables. A step-by-step guide is available at this address on the Federation’s website.