Fivape: Facing the threat of regulatory mobilization

Legal regulations regarding e-cigarette products will fly in the coming years. This is now certain, as work plans, especially at the European institutions, have been clarified. If the issue is not yet clear, the role of the Federation is to inform you of the problem and when. The following is a summary of the main threats to vape.
TPD revision: the main challenge for this industry
The European Commission has launched its first consultation on the revision of the Tobacco Products Directive. It is likely that a wide range of topics will be discussed: warnings, vial sizes, nicotine, formulations, flavors and marketing, marketing procedures, devices, etc.

How to act? Respond to the public consultation by May 16.

Likely timeline: If the project is submitted before the end of the year, the directive could be applied on January 1, 2027.

Taxing electronic cigarette oils: another battle
The revision of this taxation directive has been delayed, but is still in progress. We all recommend that you read the latest issue of VapingPost magazine.

How to take action? Support Fivape to fund everyone’s lobbying activities in Europe.

Probably the timetable: the application will probably be made on January 1, 2026.

Banning aroma: a threat within a threat
The favorite subject of the anti-e cigarette, the aroma ban has already caused a lot of damage abroad. fivape is actively involved in the development of the soon to be released PNLT (National Anti-Tobacco Plan).

How to take action? Retweet the newsletters of #sovape, Aiduce, Lavapeducœur and the Fivape Association on the subject.

Likely timeline: The PNLT could propose a complete or partial ban on flavorings, but this is unlikely. The topic will be discussed in the context of TPD.

Insisting that unity is strength
Fivape is a coalition representing e-cigarette professionals (specialty stores and e-liquid manufacturers) with public authorities, health care providers and politicians. fivape is effectively mobilizing, and our past achievements have reinforced this mentality of complete independence from the tobacco industry.

More than ever, everyone needs to mobilize in the face of dangers that directly threaten the sector, its jobs, its economic structure and even its public health. 100% of your contribution to Fivape will be used to ensure the defense of your profession.

Everyone calls on all e-cigarette professionals to mobilize and join the Federation to defend their activities and the right of everyone to choose their own way to quit smoking.