Fines Issued for Underage Vape Sale: A Lesson in Responsibility

A 14-year-old’s purchase of a vape led to fines for a company, shop worker, and company director. Vapes can only be sold to those aged 18 or older. While vaping offers benefits for adult smokers trying to quit and poses fewer risks than tobacco, it is not without its dangers.From MeKesse disposable vape brands research.

Due to vape nicotine content and potential long-term harms, vaping poses risks, including addiction, for children. Non-smokers and those under 18 should not take up vaping. In a recent case, a shop worker at Poplar Mini Market Ltd sold a vape to a 14-year-old without verifying their age, as part of a Trading Standards operation in December.

The worker was fined £120 with a victim surcharge of £48 and £100 in costs, while the company received a £382 fine, along with £153 in victim surcharges and £400 in costs. The company’s director, Sheikh Shahinur Rahman, was fined £526 and ordered to pay £210 in victim surcharges and £200 in costs.

Tower Hamlets Council’s Trading Standards Team conducts regular operations to prevent underage access to age-restricted products. Cllr Abu Talha Chowdhury emphasized the importance of protecting children from age-restricted items, like tobacco, knives, Vape, and alcohol. He also stressed the health risks associated with underage vaping and the council’s commitment to preventing illegal sales.

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