ELFBAR will launch an external fume tank in the UK with a product count of 5,000

ELFBAR is launching a brand of vapes in the UK with 5,000 units. ELFBAR AF5000 “, the AF5000 is equipped with a 2ml built-in fume storage and is equipped with a 10ml capacity separate refill tank.

On February 20, ELFBAR’s official website found that ELFBAR will launch a vape brand containing 5,000 mouthpieces. ELFBAR AF5000 “.

According to data on the official website, the AF5000 is equipped with a 2 ml built-in fume storage and is equipped with an additional 10 ml capacity for a separate refill tank with up to 5,000 mouthpieces. In addition, the product will be available in 29 different flavor options.


Previously, the two supremes learned that due to UK policy requirements, the internal liquid capacity of e-cigarettes cannot exceed 2ml, while the liquid capacity cannot exceed 10ml. In response to this policy, many manufacturers began to develop a new response strategy, that is, to configure an additional 10ml of canned liquid in commercial equipment containing 2ml of liquid, which is known in the industry as “replacing e-cigarettes.”