ELFBAR Showcases Innovative Recycling Program to Lead Vape Industry Sustainability

Retailers, distributors and wholesalers from over 88 countries attended the WORLD VAPE SHOW in Dubai from June 21-23 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

In the afternoon of June 22, the show’s concurrent roundtable discussion centered on the theme “Vaping landscape and emerging challenges: sustainability focus The theme of the show was “Vaping landscape and emerging challenges: sustainability focus”, with presentations by Joe Dunne, Director of Hale Electronic Cigarettes, Jamal Bashir, Chairman of ANDS Group, Fred Roeder, Managing Director of the Center for Consumer Choice, and representatives from Shenzhen Love Miracle Technology Co.

As the parent company of the world-renowned e-cigarette brand ELFBAR, representatives of Love Miracle used ELFBAR as an example to explain its philosophy and plan to practice environmental sustainability through “true recycling”, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and compliance practices for brand development, and for the first time, announced and introduced its offline public She also made the first public announcement and presentation of its disposable e-cigarette recycling program in the UK.

She said that ELFBAR has taken the initiative to make compliance actions and plans as the global regulatory environment continues to change and the requirements for environmental protection and sustainability become more stringent. Since 2022, ELFBAR has been working closely with the European Recycling Platform (ERP). This cooperation has led to ELFBAR’s successful registration in the UK under the Waste Electronic Cigarettes and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulatory guidelines.

Furthering its commitment to protecting the environment, ELFBAR launched a disposable e-cigarette recycling program earlier this year in partnership with Recover, one of the UK’s best-known lithium battery recycling companies, by working with e-cigarette retailers to set up dedicated recycling bins in these stores to collect used ELFBAR products.

Recover collects and transports unwanted devices from retailers using low-carbon vehicles that meet European Stage 6 emission standards. Collected devices are transported to an Authorized Treatment Facility (AATF) certified organization, where they are completely disassembled and recycled.

This environmentally friendly recycling program ensures that all components within e-cigarettes, including plastic and metal, are properly disposed of after a rigorous disassembly and recycling process.

She quoted Recover CEO John Dorman as saying that through a comprehensive recycling process, all components, including plastics and metals, can be safely converted into reusable secondary raw materials.

ELFBAR has now partnered with many e-cigarette retailers in the UK, such as MyCigara, Evapo and Tidal Vape, which have all joined the eco-recycling program with dedicated recycling bins in their UK-based stores for used ELFBAR products. The program will soon be extended to more retail chains. This aggressive initiative provides consumers with a convenient way to dispose of used products.

She mentioned that ELFBAR is not only active in environmental recycling initiatives in the UK, but is also implementing environmental programs and recycling initiatives in several countries starting in 2022, including Ireland, Romania and Cyprus, where recycling services are already available in more than 3,000 stores.


She concluded that ELFBAR’s recycling program represents a tangible step towards environmental responsibility and she used the Dubai World E-Cigarette Show to demonstrate its vision and commitment to sustainability. ELFBAR will continue to drive green recycling, actively pursue environmental initiatives and work with partners around the world to reduce their environmental impact. They firmly believe that through innovation and sustainable practices, the e-cigarette industry can contribute to protecting the planet and provide consumers with greener choices.


The other three guests acknowledged ELFBAR’s environmental recycling program, recognizing its tangible efforts to protect the environment.


After the presentation, the two supreme met ELFBAR’s recycling bins mentioned in the environmental recycling program on the show floor, where staff explained its unique recycling process and innovative technology, attracting the attention of visitors and industry experts from around the world.
Visitors to the show gave positive feedback on ELFBAR’s environmental protection initiatives, expressing their support and appreciation for ELFBAR’s efforts in sustainability.


One exhibitor said, “ELFBAR’s recycling program is a positive demonstration that sets an example to the entire industry. elfbar hopes that more e-cigarette manufacturers will pay attention to environmental issues and take positive sustainability measures together to create a harmonious and compliant industry future.”