Effective Sept. 21 Devices Required to Have Removable Batteries New Zealand’s New Vapes Regulations

On August 21, New Zealand’s Health Minister AyeshaVerrall announced that new laws and regulations restricting youth vaping have been confirmed and will officially come into effect on September 21 this year.


The new regulations require that all e-cigarette devices sold in New Zealand be equipped with removable batteries; E-cigarettes should be kept out of reach of children and young people as much as possible, and all places within 300 meters of schools will be banned from setting up new professional e-cigarette shops.


In addition, the new regulations have special requirements for the flavor names of e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes should implement a child-safety mechanism that prohibits the use of flavor names such as marshmallow, strawberry jelly, and doughnuts, and can only use generic names that accurately describe the flavor, such as orange or fruit.


The new rules reduce the maximum concentration of tar in e-cigarettes. The permitted tar concentration in single-use e-cigarettes is reduced to 20mg/mL. The highest concentration of tar in reusable e-cigarettes is 28.5mg/mL.