Does water pipe have nicotine content?

In recent years, hookahs have become increasingly popular, and their elegant atmosphere and rich flavors have made them a popular choice for social occasions. Unknown to many, the composition and effects of hookahs are still being explored by many. The most controversial issue in this is whether or not to have nicotine content in a hookah.

First, let’s review what nicotine is and why it is present in hookahs. Nicotine content is a substance in tobacco that stimulates the central nervous system, elevates heart rate and blood pressure, and releases dopamine (a chemical that makes people feel happy). These reactions create a sense of addiction. Hookah is a traditional Middle Eastern tobacco product that is made with additives such as spices with fruit flavors, licorice and coloring. The tobacco in a hookah passes its ingredients into the water of the hookah during the grilling process, which creates the inhaling taste. So, is there a nicotine content produced during this process?

In fact, according to several studies, the tobacco in water pipe will release a nicotine content similar to that in tobacco smoke during the combustion process, in other words, water pipe does contain nicotine content. Only, the nicotine content in water pipe is relatively low and may not cause addiction as quickly as smoking, only that long-term smoking may still have an impact on the body.

In addition, water pipe contains other chemicals that may also have an effect on the body. For example, the carbon monoxide content of hookah smoke may be higher than tobacco smoke, which can lead to a lack of oxygen supply, which in turn can affect the function of various parts of the body. In addition, considering that hookah use may require prolonged inhalation, it may cause damage to the mouth and respiratory tract.
Overall, although the nicotine content of hookah is relatively low, it is still present and may have an impact on the body. Therefore, we should look at the field of hookah objectively and choose adequate information and basic common sense in order to make our own decisions.