Does MK BAR have 600 Puffs?

MCKESSE is now releasing a new Disposable Vape – MK BAR MINI 600. This little Coke can is sleek and compact, more convenient, and perfect for those who love 600Puffs. It has a cartridge capacity of 2ml, 2% nicotine salt, and a Battery capacity 500mAh. It is able to provide long-lasting usage time and a fulfilling vaping experience. There’s also an abundance of 20 new flavors.

Unlike the MK BAR 7000, the Little Coke Tank has no charging port and is very simple and convenient without the need for tedious operation. Simply purchase it and use it straight away, making it perfect for use on the go or while traveling. Because it doesn’t require charging, there are no battery life issues either, and it also reduces the burden on the environment.

The MK BAR MINI 600 has become a new favorite among modern smokers with its slim and lightweight design and excellent performance. Both novice and experienced smokers will fall in love with it. With the purchase of the MKBAR Small Coke Tank, you’ll have a stylish and convenient vaping experience that allows you to enjoy pure and comfortable smoke anytime, anywhere.

Whether you’re relaxing on your pipe or looking for a quick break, the MK BAR MINI is the perfect choice for you. Don’t hesitate to buy an MK BAR MINI! Make your Vaping enjoyment more convenient and stylish!