Do you have to change the stem of the new national standard cigarette cartridges?

Recently, smoking cartridges have turned out to be a more convenient and comfortable choice for more and more smokers. Along with the launch of the new national standard for electronic cigarettes, a variety of large electronic cigarette brands have also launched their own new national standard smoking cartridges. Then the question arises, the new national standard cigarette cartridges need to change the stick? This is everyone’s concern. In this article, we are going to explore this issue.

First of all, it is important to understand what a stick is. A cigarette stick is a component of a smoke bomb, usually made of metal or plastic. The stick contains a battery, a heating coil, an airflow sensor, and a connector. When the user inhales the smoke bomb, the battery activates the heating coil, which heats the liquid smoke oil into vapor, which then enters the user’s mouth through the airflow sensor.

Simply put, the stick is like a device that transmits the vape oil and produces the vapor. So, why would you need to change the stem?

First of all, the stem itself is an electronic product, and electronic products all have a service life. E-cigarette sticks on the market today can last up to several years. The service life of the sticks is closely related to the frequency and method of smoking, the higher the frequency of use, the shorter the life span. As long as it is the size of the new national standard cigarette cartridges, working voltage and the original cigarette sticks match, then you can continue to use without changing the sticks, and conversely, it is necessary to replace the new sticks.
Replacement sticks can provide better taste and stronger nicotine. After using a regular stick for a while, the heating coil and airflow sensor will become less sensitive due to the burning of liquid tobacco oil and dust deposits. This also means that the heating rate of the smoking oil and the rate of smoke production will be reduced, which in turn will affect the taste and nicotine absorption effect. Replacing the stem with a new one will restore the best taste and nicotine absorption to the cartridge.

Overall, whether or not to replace the stem of a new GB cartridge depends on whether the cartridge matches the stem, and whether the stem can still maintain good atomization efficiency. Replacing the stem will help restore the best taste and nicotine absorption of the cartridge.