Disadvantages of Vape products

1. Too many choices: For new e-cigarette users or smokers considering a change, the endless choices offered by the e-cigarette market can be overwhelming. For cigarettes, you can choose a brand and light up, but for e-cigarettes, there are literally millions of possible choices. That’s why it’s best to point vape curious people to easy-to-use products with simple introductory instructions, and then point them to good sources of further information (vape stores, forums, experienced vapers), because new vapers will learn more details.

2. vape learning curve: For new vapers, the biggest risk is probably buying products that require specialized knowledge. They are often confused and frustrated and regret coming to try to switch to e-cigarette products. Again, it doesn’t take a long learning curve! The easiest introductory product is almost always the best first choice.

3. Potential health risks: E-cigarette products are really too new for us to understand every potential risk they may pose. However, if you use e-cigarette products to get away from cigarettes, then you can rest easier knowing that you are already away from the well-documented dangers of smoking. The substances in cigarette smoke that make it particularly harmful are either not present at all in the vapor of e-cigarette products or are present in only trace amounts. This makes it safer for people who use e-cigarette products and for bystanders who are affected by “secondhand e-cigarettes.

4. Users of e-cigarette products face the stigma of smoking: For nearly 60 years, tobacco control has focused on the “denormalization” of smoking, which is just a fancy word for stigmatizing smoking and smokers. Now, the drug war-style campaign to dehumanize smokers is also being turned against users of e-cigarette products. This is because e-cigarette products look like smoking to people who don’t smoke them, so smokers who switch to safer e-cigarette products are often frustrated to find themselves facing the same stigma that stems from ignorance, fear, and intolerance.

5. E-cigarette smoking is perceived as a youth problem: Because of the proliferation of news about the “epidemic of e-cigarette smoking among teens,” older smokers may avoid smoking e-cigarettes as a way to quit. But in reality, adults of every age enjoy e-cigarette products – the legal age to purchase e-cigarettes is 21 – but for those who are now getting into e-cigarette products, after the “JUUL scare” era JUUL panic” era soon after, it may not be easy to distinguish the harm reduction benefits from the teenage fashion perception of vaping e-cigarettes.

6. Nicotine misinformation: Nicotine can be as misunderstood as any drug in the world. It can actually be just a mild stimulant with similar effects to caffeine. But because of its history of being inevitably associated with smoking – a highly dangerous delivery mechanism – nicotine has a bad reputation. Nicotine does not cause cancer or heart disease, but many people confuse the effects of nicotine and smoking, including doctors who regularly treat lifelong smokers. Nicotine can actually be a health benefit for many users.

7. Restrictive laws and regulations: Based largely on the e-cigarette “epidemic” driven by anti-electronic cigarette groups, e-cigarettes have become a ripe target for laws and regulations that reduce e-cigarette choice, ease of use, and cost. More than half of U.S. states tax e-cigarette products, and Congress recently passed a law banning the U.S. Postal Service from shipping e-cigarette products. A portion of states ban e-cigarette products with flavors other than tobacco.

8. FDA regulations could eliminate e-cigarette options: The biggest government threat to e-cigarettes may be the Food and Drug Administration’s premarket tobacco application (PMTA) process. Last fall, manufacturers hoping to keep their products on the market were forced to submit complex applications to prove that the products were “suitable for the protection of public health. Experts say the FDA will use the PMTA process to remove many of the best e-cigarette products from the market. (Cigarettes, by the way, do not need to submit a PMTA to enter the market.)

9. Finding the truth about e-cigarettes is not easy: e-cigarettes this is a disruptive technology that threatens the tobacco industry, but it also threatens the powerful anti-smoking industry. For the smoker or e-cigarette novice, it is difficult to distinguish the truth about e-cigarettes because these powerful enemies advance their narrative in various news outlets and even through joint federal agencies. Because there are so many scary stories about e-cigarettes. It’s very easy to be scared off.