Denmark: Lidl will no longer use tobacco from 2028

If Scandinavian countries are generally good students against smoking, they are not all. Denmark, in particular, still has a smoking rate of 17.5% in 2019, down slightly from 18.1% in 2015. Last week, the famous German franchisee Lidl announced that all new stores opening in the country in the next few years will no longer sell tobacco products. Because yes, cigarettes can still be bought in Denmark in all grocery stores and other supermarkets.

“At Lidl, we want to be responsible traders,” says Khalil Jehya Taleb, deputy purchasing director at Lidl Denmark. We want to challenge ourselves to lead the way with new and bigger initiatives. ”

The move has been welcomed by the Danish Cancer Society, which hopes the initiative will be extended to other grocery stores in the country, calling it “an important step in phasing out tobacco products.

Lidl plans to open about 60 more stores in Denmark in the next few years. All products will be “smoke-free,” and current stores will reduce the availability of these products by 20 percent each year until the brand no longer offers cigarettes in 2028.

In Denmark, smoking kills 16,000 people each year. This number is in stark contrast to neighboring Iceland, which has the highest percentage of never-smokers in the world.