Chill Brands Group PLC Announces Distribution Partnership with Flawless Vape Shop

Chill Brands Group PLC (London Stock Exchange code: CHLL), a prominent tobacco alternative company in the UK, has entered into a distribution agreement with Flawless Vape Shop, the largest category specialist distributor in the country. The collaboration entails Flawless Vape Shop distributing Chill Brands Group’s zero-nicotine electronic cigarette product, Chill ZERO. The initial batch of orders under this partnership has already been confirmed.

With Flawless Vape Shop boasting over 5,000 wholesale accounts and a customer base exceeding 50,000 active individuals, this agreement is poised to significantly elevate the brand awareness of Chill within its extensive network of vape shops across the UK.

Callum Sommerton, the CEO of Chill Brands, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to have Flawless representing our Chill ZERO nicotine-free e-cigarette range as they are a dominant force in the UK vaping industry.”

The collaboration not only marks a strategic move for Chill Brands Group PLC in expanding its market presence but also highlights the growing significance of partnerships within the evolving landscape of the e-cigarette industry. As the demand for tobacco alternatives continues to rise, such alliances play a crucial role in enhancing accessibility and visibility for innovative products like Chill ZERO in the rapidly expanding market.

This distribution agreement reflects the commitment of both Chill Brands Group and Flawless Vape Shop to provide consumers with a diverse range of high-quality vaping products. The strategic alliance is expected to contribute to the growth and recognition of Chill as a leading brand in the UK’s electronic cigarette sector.

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