Oct. 31 Quebec, Canada to ban flavored e-cigarettes and limit oil capacity


The province will prohibit the sale of e-cigarette products other than tobacco flavored (or unflavored) products, as well as the sale of bottles of tobacco oil with a capacity of more than 30 milliliters and e-cigarette devices with a capacity of more than 2 milliliters.


According to officials in Quebec, Canada’s second-largest province, the province will ban the sale of e-cigarette brands other than flavored (or unflavored) cigarettes. It will also prohibit the sale of e-cigarette devices with canned tobacco oils and tobacco oils with a capacity of more than 30 milliliters.


The policy takes effect 90 days after its release, which is October 31st.


This flavor ban was announced in a bill released in April. According to the Quebec E-Cigarette Rights Coalition, more than 30,000 Quebec residents commented on the proposed ban, but the Ministry of Health reportedly did not change the regulations.


Quebec is Canada’s second most populous province with 8.5 million residents, making it the largest province to implement a flavor ban. Four other provinces and territories – Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and the Northwest Territories – have flavor bans in place, and Nunavut has passed a ban, but an implementation date has not yet been set. In addition, three provinces – British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan – have contained flavored goods in stores such as e-cigarette stores where only adults buy them.