Can I use the cigarette sticks before the national standard cigarette shells?

As a tobacco product, the history of tobacco sticks goes back centuries. As the tobacco industry has evolved in today’s society, tobacco sticks have also undergone continuous change and development. However, in China, before the emergence of national standard cigarette sticks, there were different types and specifications of cigarette sticks, leading to the question of whether these sticks can be used becomes an issue worth exploring.

First, it is important to understand what a national standard cigarette stick is. The national standard cigarette sticks are those that meet the new national standard for e-cigarettes in 2022 and have only one flavor, tobacco flavor. In the past, we are familiar with the fruit flavor, vapor flavor and other bombs have not reached the new national standard for electronic cigarettes, so they are excluded from the national standard bombs.

So, can the new national standard smoke cartridges be used together on a cigarette stick?

The answer is, not necessarily. As we all know, the frequency of cigarette sticks replacement is not high, each electronic cigarette brand new national standard cigarette cartridges will generally adapt to the old sticks, thus reducing the promotion costs of the national standard cartridges. But each brand itself may have a variety of cigarette sticks, their model parameters are different, itself to adapt to different bombs.

Take Max as an example, Max’s new national standard smoke cartridges in Max 4, 5 generations of sticks on the general fit applicable. But in the 1, 2, 3 generations of tobacco sticks will not be applicable.
In short, whether or not the old sticks are compatible with the GB cartridges depends a lot on the size and type of the sticks. If you plan to use an old tobacco stick, we recommend that you double check its suitability before use.